Does SEWSQUAD accept returns?  No, SEWSQUAD does not typically accept returned items.  However, if you have an issue with one of our products or how it was shipped, please feel free to reach out to us through our Contact page.  We will consider special cases.  

Do I need a sewing machine to use SEWSQUAD patterns?  Absolutely not! You can make every SEWSQUAD sewing pattern with just a needle and thread.  Of course, we don't have a problem if you'd like to use a sewing machine, either ;) 

How long should it take to make a piece of clothing using a SEWSQUAD pattern?  Even without using a sewing machine, it shouldn't take you longer than a few hours to make a piece of clothing with one of our patterns.  They're that easy to use! 

How do I know which fabric will look good with each pattern?  Well, that's up to you and your own imagination.  We do provide a Trend Report with each pattern so you know how to style each piece and can see some of the fabrics we chose to use. 


How much fabric do I need to make each pattern?  Glad you asked!  Check out the product descriptions on sewsquad.com for fabric estimates.