SEWSQUAD is a line of easy-to-make, fun-to-wear, sewing patterns  designed for and made by YOU (yes, you!). Traditional sewing patterns are so...meh. So we went ahead and updated them by keeping it real simple and showing styles you'll *actually* want to wear.

Each kit contains a beginner-friendly sewing project inspired by the season's hottest looks, a trend report to add a little bit of glam and show you how to style what you make, a bonus 'Leftover Look' that you can create using scrap material, and for good measure....a tape measure! 

The squad's motto is simple: Make it. Wear it. Share it.

Don't know how to sew? No biggie. Everything can be done with a needle and thread and a little inspo. (psst...you don't even need a sewing machine). Once you've finished your masterpiece, remember to share a pic by tagging @sew_squad on the 'gram. 

About ZOEY

Zoey Washington started SEWSQUAD to blow the dust off of the sewing industry. After 19+ years as a stylist, writer, and fashion editor, Zoey took her frustration with old-school and outdated sewing patterns and developed a line to make creating your own clothes simple, stylish, and fun for a new generation. Zoey has worked in the editorial departments of powerhouses like Marie Claire, Essence, Vogue, ELLE, and InStyle Magazines and has had over a decade of experience with teen fashion brands. Most recently, Zoey worked as Fashion Director at BRIT + CO.