How to Use Fabric Fake Outs

How to Use Fabric Fake Outs

The freshest member of the SEWSQUAD has officially arrived. Our Fabric Fake Out heat transfers make reimagining clothes both old and new all kinds of easy. 

It's pretty simple, really.

Cut. Iron. Peel. Enjoy. 

1) Cut out the shape you want (remember it will be a mirror image)

2) Place your shape on your material (we recommend a light, cotton or cotton blend fabric). Lay your parchment paper on top for best results. Use a flat, hard surface like a floor or durable table.

3) Iron over transfer/parchment paper for 20-30 seconds. If you have a larger piece, be sure to apply even pressure throughout and give sections the same amount of time. 

4) Let it cool a bit then gently peel off the backing of your transfer paper.

5) Enjoy and share what you make with us @sew_squad

Check us out below. 


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