Creative Ways to Reuse Old Jewelry

Creative Ways to Reuse Old Jewelry

If we've learned anything from Spring cleaning, it's that we have way too much crap lying around — specifically broken jewelry. And we're not talking the glitzy, glam jewelry that your Grams gifted you to hold onto forever. Our drawers and dressers were surprisingly packed with old chains, dated drop earrings, beat up necklaces and cast-off chokers that we've been meaning to mend for some time.

And now we've officially gotten our acts together with a few creative ways to repurpose old jewelry just for you (and, well, us too). Instead of piling our bygone baubles into another heap, we've decided to take action and repurpose old jewelry into unexpected DIY fashion masterpieces.

So grab your glue gun, a little needle and thread and whatever jewelry you're tired of sifting through on the regular for a lazy DIY project that will only take a few minutes. 
Check out our video below. Oh, and we're on YouTube now. No biggie.  

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